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Since the inception of Westminster Child Care Center, we have offered families a tiered tuition scale based on gross household income in order to make our high-quality child care affordable for all families. 


Westminster Child Care Center teaches up to 80 children from 6 weeks to six years of age.  Our mission is to provide a diverse population of families with affordable, high quality child care.  We promote socio-economic, racial, and cultural diversity by including families of various income levels.  To help meet our mission, we have a unique five tier sliding fee scale based on gross household income, with three of the tiers below the market price for our area.  Our Office maintains a waiting list for enrollment spaces. 


While the range of family incomes changes each year, during the school year 2017-2018, WCCC educated children from 70 families with over 30% of those families having low or moderate income.  In addition, we have an intentionally diverse staff, a pro-active approach to marketing to families of lesser means, and we offer scholarships funded through donations whenever possible.  WCCC cooperates with the United Way scholarship assistance programs.  Application and registration fees are waived for prospective families whose annual household income is less than $60,000. 

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2022-2023 Tuition Rates

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