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Role of the Board
The Westminster Child Care Center Board of Directors meets monthly to set policy for the Center, provide management and financial oversight, and approve the annual budget. These activities are executed in the spirit of the mission of the Center.

The Board is not responsible for running the day-to-day operations of the Center. The Board is also not involved in individual personnel decisions except as outlined in the Center’s Personnel Policy.

Expectations of Individual Board Members

  • Attend monthly meetings, participate in activities in support of the Center which may include serving on committees, fundraising, and special events

  • 3-year term, volunteer role

  • Board members are expected to preserve confidential information that is disclosed to them in their role as a board member

  • Foster communication among WCCC families, church members, and community. As a member of the Board, families, and teachers may share their individual concerns. Board members can encourage resolution through the proper channels


  • Executive Committee

  • Finance Committee

  • Personnel Committee

  • Nominating Committee

  • Events Committee

  • Scholarships Committee

  • WCCC Church Relations Committee

Rewards of Serving on the WCCC Board of Directors
Serving as a board member is a unique opportunity to impact the lives of children in a positive way. Board members lend their expertise and talents to support the continued excellence of the Center, which in turn supports the greater Charlottesville community. Board membership expands the Center’s professional resources and can be a highly rewarding and satisfying experience.


Parent Involvement is Welcome!  Individuals may choose to serve on the Fundraising and/or Events Committees without joining the Board of Directors.  These volunteers are referred to as "Community Members" and their valuable contributions of time and energy help us create successful school-wide events that build community among our families and raise funds for our non-profit program.

If you’d like to provide feedback or volunteer for any events, please contact any board member.

Executive Committee Members
President, Don Griffin
Vice President, Julia Dahl
Secretary, Allie Hayhurst

Treasurer, Tim Emerick​

WCCC Board of Directors Members

Tim Emerick

Caroline Brown, Church Representative

Scott Ruffner




  • Tim Emerick, Chair

  • Paul Huffman

  • Kirsten Fairall

  • Don Griffin



  • Julia Dahl, Chair

  • Brittany Bosley

  • Don Griffin

  • Tim Emerick

  • Gail Esterman



  • Don Griffin, Chair

  • All members of the board



  • Allie Hayhurst, Chair


WCCC Church Relations Committee ​

  • Ellen Hench, Chair

  • Don Griffin

  • Paul Huffman

  • Lynne Clements (Community Member)

  • WCCC Administrative Staff 


Don Griffin
Board President
Julia Dahl
Vice President
Allie Hayhurst
Tim Emerick
Scott Ruffner
Sally Ryan
Ellen Hench
Church Rep
Carolyn Brown
Church Rep
Brittany Bosley
Trisha Edwards
Gail Esterman
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