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Our leadership

Melanie Garth

WCCC Executive Director

Michelle Robertson
WCCC Assistant Director

Cece 1_edited.jpg

Cece Lambert

WCCC Program Specialist


As a non-profit center, our staff salaries are funded by tuition fees.  We strive to retain quality staff by providing fair wages and benefits.  We also employ two full-time floating teachers that cover staff absences due to vacations or illness, as well as provide extra help to the classrooms during the day to lower ratios and allow teachers lesson planning time.


Our teachers understand and reference the Milestones of Child Development and Virginia's Foundation Blocks for Early Learning.  Staff utilize tools such as Teachstone's CLASS (Classroom Assessment Scoring System) and the Environmental Rating Scales (ITERS, and ECERS) to continually improve and modify teaching methods implemented and offer higher-quality learning experiences.  Teachers co-mentor one another through a supportive teaching community.


Our teachers have various educational backgrounds such as bachelor's degrees, masters degrees, 2-year Early Childhood Certificate, CDA (Child Development Associate National Credentialing Program), and/or various years of experience working with children.  All of our teachers receive continuous early childhood training, typically exceeding annual training requirements set by VA Licensing.  Most of our teachers are First Aid/CPR certified and many are MAT trained.

WCCC employs some part-time afternoon floaters to provide extra help in our classrooms, cover teachers' lunch breaks, and help close rooms at the end of the day.  They are trained in the philosophy of the center and count in licensing ratios.

Our Center has been fortunate to participate in Madison House's volunteer program since the 1980's.  Volunteers play with the children under the supervision of WCCC staff.  Typically volunteers help in one classroom for two hours a week for a semester.

Paul Huffman

WCCC Finance Director

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