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Once a classroom is adopted, 100% of your donation goes into that classroom for academic enrichment. Sponsors receive recognition at the adopted classroom’s door, in our quarterly newsletters, on our website, and on our internal school bulletin board.

Adopt a Program | $5000 Level
In adopting a program, you will enhance the learning environment of our students of all ages, from infancy to pre-k learning for two classrooms. From classroom design to rich, Reggio Emilia-inspired programming to creative outings, your gift today will help ensure a fun-filled learning environment for all of our students for a year to come! Sponsors can choose from our infant, toddler, or pre-kindergarten programs.

Adopt a Classroom | $2,500 Level
Our fast growing-infants require lots of TLC! We are proud to offer our youngest ones a warm and caring environment where they can grow and learn. Our toddler classrooms range from 16-months through 2 years old.  

WCCC pre-k graduates are often noted as some of the best-prepared students entering Charlottesville schools. Our Reggio Emilia-inspired, content-rich programming guided by our deeply committed and long-serving teaching staff encourages inquisitive minds and thoughtful problem-solving. Help prepare these bright young minds on their educational journeys!  You can enhance the learning environment for these young and growing minds by sponsoring one of these classrooms today.

STEM Enhancement Package | $1,500 Level
Enhance our Reggio Emilia classroom learning environment with the latest developments in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Tools might include tablet devices, microscopes, telescopes, robotics and more! Help our students remain on the cutting edge!

Athletics Package | $500 Level
Your sponsorship of an athletics package will enable students to engage in more on-site programming to explore various team-building skills and body movements. Help us to bring more programming on site to incorporate sports, martial arts, and more!

Music & Dance Package | $500 Level
Your sponsorship of a Music & Dance package will bring more learning opportunities both on and off-site for our students to explore sounds and body movements. Help us to enrich classrooms with instruments and on-site instruction to explore dancing across cultures and music across genres!

Outdoor Explorer Package | $500 Level
Our students love to learn in their natural surroundings in the great outdoors!  Our onsite outdoor classroom promotes learning in another green space as children adopt projects such as organic gardening, observing and interacting with nature, and creating using natural abstract materials.  Help us to supplement the curriculum with adventurous outings to Wildrock, Carter’s Mountain, and more!

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