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inclement weather policy

WCCC generally follows Charlottesville City Public School's closures for any inclement weather.  This includes inclement weather early releases, delays, and school closings.

Sometimes WCCC will be open even if Charlottesville City Schools are delayed or closed, if weather conditions permit and if WCCC can be adequately and safely staffed.  We make every effort to be open because we understand the inconvenience closures cause, but most of our teachers do not live in the city of Charlottesville.  The safety of staff travel will be taken into consideration.

When Charlottesville City Schools are already closed for the day (after 2 pm on a regular school day) or had a scheduled day off (Teacher Workdays, holidays, and other Charlottesville closing days, etc.), then WCCC will make its own decision regarding closing or shortening hours.

Ways to find out if WCCC is Closed
We post all closings on our weather line 434-977-3322 –press 2, news stations listed below, and on our Facebook page.  Parents of children currently enrolled at WCCC will receive an email regarding the closure. 


We post closing information on area news stations such as:

When searching Closings and Delays on local news channels, please make sure to look for "Westminster Child Care Center," and not Charlottesville City Schools, as there may be differences in our closing determinations (late opening and early release).

Please note: If the power is out, the weather line will not pick up. In this case, please look at our local news stations.
On days where inclement weather may close the school early:

  • Make sure to always leave a working cell phone or number where you can be reached immediately.

  • When notified by your teachers or the office of closing due to inclement weather, families need to pick up immediately.

  • Designate an alternative pick up person, verbally or in writing, that may be different from people on your child’s emergency card.

  • Understand any alternate WCCC activities (such as field trips, events, classroom projects, etc.) during school will also be canceled. 

On days where WCCC is delayed:

  • Families and children are not allowed in the building until the designated delayed opening time, 8:30, 9:30 etc.

  • Please wait to drop off in your classroom with your child’s teacher and not at the front door or with another WCCC employee.

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