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Our beautiful outdoor classroom has evolved over the years as the children interact with this green learning space.  Parents, volunteers, and community donors partner with WCCC each year to enrich the learning opportunities offered in this multifaceted natural space.
Research has shown that children who play and learn outdoors are healthier and happier.

Some features include:

  • Organic edible garden, including fruits, vegetables, and herbs

  • Butterfly garden

  • Rain barrels allow children free access to water

  • Music area featuring large weather-durable instruments 

  • Mud kitchen

  • Large and small building materials

  • Large transparent art easel

  • Evolving natural environment

  • Gentle feet sensory path bordering our cedar plank walkway

  • Worm factory

  • Bird and squirrel feeders

  • Child-centered seating throughout the space

  • Picnic area


In addition to the open-ended play and explorations offered daily, each classroom is assigned responsibilities to help maintain the space.  


Children grow and eat organic herbs, fruits, and vegetables from the garden which encourages the development of healthy eating habits.


The space is furnished with natural materials.  The children conduct intense exploration while developing an appreciation of the natural world.


We participate in a school-wide composting program and receive some composted soil for our gardens.

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