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  • I am interested in putting my child on the waitlist. How long will it be before my child is enrolled?
    Spaces are awarded to families seeking care based on their enrollment registration date, wait list priority, desired enrollment start date, and the age of the child required for the open vacancy. Priority 1 Sibling Families & Children of WCCC Employees Priority 2 Community Families Enrollment waiting times are dependent on the following: Open vacancies (based on move-up dates and enrollment withdrawals) The desired enrollment start date must match the available space Acceptance of extended offers to waitlist families before you on the waitlist On average, families stay on our waitlist for 6 to 24 months, from registration date to start date. This can fluctuate throughout the year as a result of the abovementioned circumstances. There is no guarantee your child will be offered an enrollment space within that timeframe.
  • How do I add my child to the Waitlist?
    To place your child on the waitlist, you must complete an Enrollment Application . Please make sure the information on the application is complete and up-to-date. Mail your completed application and non-refundable $100.00 waitlist application fee to the below address. Please note that the $100.00 application fee will be waived for families with annual gross household income below $60,000. Westminster Child Care Center 450 Rugby Road Charlottesville, VA 22903 Please make your check or money order payable to "Westminster Child Care Center." A child will only be added to the waitlist when WCCC receives your completed enrollment application and waitlist payment. A waitlist confirmation email will be sent to you indicating that your child has been waitlisted. The submitter of the application is responsible for informing WCCC on any information changes.
  • How will I know when a space is available?
    A child is only offered an enrollment into a classroom that is age appropriate for the child. We will only reach out to you when a space is available. Our Assistant Director will contact you via phone and/or email. We strongly encourage parent/guardians to call and/or email us to check on your child's waitlist status. After being offered a space, the parent/guardian will have 24 hours (1 business day) to respond to our initial contact to accept or decline the offered space. If the parent/guardian does not respond within that timeframe, the enrollment space will be extended to the next family on the waitlist. If there is no response within the timeframe, your child's waitlist application will be automatically removed. Parent/guardians can decline a space 1 time before being automatically removed from the waitlist. If a second offer is made and WCCC does not hear from the family after 24 hours (1 business day) the child will be removed from the waitlist. If the parent/guardian wants to add their child back onto the waitlist, they must complete another enrollment application and make a new waitlist enrollment payment.
  • What happens after I accept an enrollment space?
    Upon accepting an enrollment space, the parent/guardian must pay a $300 non-refundable deposit, to be applied as a $200 registration fee and a $100 credit towards your child's first month's tuition. This payment must be paid within 72 hours to secure your child's enrollment with us. If families choose not to enroll their child after accepting the enrollment offer, the enrollment deposit is forfeited. Your child's first tuition payment is due by their enrollment start date. A Pre-Enrollment Contract must be completed. An email will be sent to the parent/guardian with a link to complete online registration, as well as information on enrollment next steps.
  • Do I have to reapply every year?
    No, your child will graduate to the next age groups list. This move will not affect their place on the waitlist. The waitlist enrollment registration date stays the same from age group to age group. Waitlist enrollments do not expire unless your child ages out of the center, you declined a second enrollment offer, you ask us to remove your child from the waitlist, or you do not respond within the timeframe when offered a space. In January and July of each year, waitlist families will receive a waitlist interest email to determine if they want their child to remain on our waitlist. This is also an opportunity for prospective families to notify us of any information that needs to be updated for their child (i.e., child's name, birth date or desired start date).
  • Additional Questions?
    Contact us at (434) 977-3322 ext. 101, or email our Assistant Director at
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