WCCC is located at 450 Rugby Road, Charlottesville VA 22903. WCCC is open, Monday-Friday, 7:30am-5:30pm. Call us at 434-977-3322.

​​​​Westminster Child Care Center

Reggio Inspired Programs

Our educational philosophy is based on project work & the Reggio Emilia approach.  Our emergent curriculum is child-based and focuses on intense hands-on experiences.  This approach begins in the toddler classrooms and helps stimulate community and awareness among every age.  An important piece of our program is family participation in lessons, field trips and projects. 

Our Reggio Inspired Programs include:

Child based programming

Lessons/circles are short
Setting out daily provocations and activities to capture interest
Interactive circle time, focus on the interest
Lesson plans that are based on sensory, art, and not thematic learning
Child based lessons: based on the interests of the group

Offering open ended art/sensory experiences daily

Giving the children new mediums and art materials daily
Making these materials available every day, all day, for the children to use
Listening to their interests, and running with topics and ideas
Steering away from teacher directed art, no dittos
Allowing the children to get the sensory experience by learning the skills (gluing, taping, cutting, drawing, painting etc.)
Allowing the children to do these things by themselves, not teacher lead or teacher created

Environment as the third teacher: Keeping room arrangement conducive to hands on learning

Rich material filled centers
Switching out of materials
New provocations out weekly/daily on tables or in discovery table
Keeping all centers open to the children, not limiting their exposure to materials or where they can go

Field Trips. Projects, & Hands on learning

Get the children out and active
Incorporating field trips and hands on projects to solidify learning
Break into smaller groups for longer intense projects and explorations

Our "Aula" Outdoor Classroom

​Daily opportunities in our natural outdoor classroom

-our budding organic school garden

-our outdoor meeting spaces

-rain barrels

-music wall

-mud kitchen

-outdoor block and sensory experiences

-outdoor art center & easels

-evolving natural environment